Taubmans – Principal Partner

For over 110 years Taubmans have been enhancing the beauty and comfort of both homes and commercial spaces on the inside—and street appeal outside.

At Taubmans we understand that residential and commercial construction today is about creating buildings and spaces that are functional, efficient and sustainable, and we’re proud of the collaborative relationships we’ve formed with leading architects, designers and builders through the years, allowing them to meet the demanding needs of the 21st-century. Our sophisticated colours tools and vast array of colours enable them to project uniquely Australian colour palettes that maximise natural light while and our specifically engineered products ensure that the coated surface will look as true to the colour they chose years after it was painted.

We’re known for leading ranges such as Taubmans Pure Performance, a low-VOC range exclusively engineered with Microban® Antimicrobial Technology providing non-stop cleanliness protection to the coating surface, and Taubmans Endure, engineered with Nanoguard Technology and backed with a lifetime guarantee.

Taubmans, helping professionals optimise aesthetic and design choices to make the job easier from conception to completion.


The Library by Jeremy Jones, DWL Architects & Planners, Inc.

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